Before I even talk about the work I'd like to talk about Jonathan as a person and as a representative of his company. His ethic, his honesty, his ability to connect with the customer, and his desire to always take pride in his work is unlike any other builder I've ever met. His work is incredibly detail orientated and even when I suggested workarounds to just make his life easier he refused those suggestions in order to do what is right for the customer, which, in this case... was me. Jonathan was incredibly clear in his communications, very neat and orderly, and we couldn't be happier with the time he spent repainting our master bedroom, all of the trim, and all of the annoying windows that have intricate wood detail.

Steve I. 

Fox Point

Millwork restoration/Master bdrm paint


(Fireplace paint update)

(Bathroom fire damage restoration)


(Fireplace tile surround update)