Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jonathon Reffke, owner & operator of J. Reffke Building Company. I put this webpage together as a showcase collection of my work.

I'm a bit of a one man show. I'm in charge of client acquisition, office correspondence, billing, newsletters, ordering material, checks & balances, project operations, project estimates, permitting, material handling, merchandising, sales, environmental impact campaigns, social media, & marketing.

 I'm also the person running the day to day operations of all home improvement projects start to finish. I'm on the jobs swinging my hammer, setting every tile, installing the cabinets, & providing you with high quality finishing for your favorite living spaces. 

On a personal level I'm 30 years old, I've got two children both boys named Lincoln & Colton. In my free time I like to get outdoors as often as possible. I graduated from MATC Oak Creek in the carpentry & cabinetry program. Afterwards working in the remodeling industry for several years in various positions as I developed my skills.


I started this company in July of 2018.

As a small business owner I feel a responsibility to my community to provide quality service while also operating with honesty & integrity. 

I genuinely enjoy the work that I do & the people that I work with. I work exclusively with what I believe are the best subcontractors in the area. I only accept projects that I feel confident about, & I hold every project to an equally high standard of finished quality. I truly believe I provide a great product with very competitive prices.

I intend to build a new kind of contracting company in the greater Milwaukee area. I aim to provide a more personal remodeling experience, where I can be flexible to the needs of every client individually in each home.

I want to thank you for visiting my website once again, & I appreciate any opportunity to be involved in your next remodeling experience.

Jonathon Reffke

Owner & Operator

J. Reffke Building Company

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